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Life Risk Analytics brings risk management into healthcare

Life Risk Analytics is a risk management consulting company providing health solutions to individuals and corporations. Its risk engine estimates the personal mortality and life expectancy by connecting the dots between possible Causes of Death and a series of personal Risk Factors, such as age, gender, country, personal characteristics, behavior, infections and diseases, disease history, family history of diseases, transportation, or leisure time activities.

Life Risk Analytics helps you to identify and quantify personal Risk Factors, allowing you to calculate potential risk decreases and providing prevention measures by relevance.

Life Risk Analytics offers the following solutions:

  • Individual Health: Quantify potential risk decrease and longevity increase, identify relevant Risk Factors and Causes of Death, based on your personal risk assessment.
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  • Corporate Health Management: Decrease the number of sick days by increasing the risk awareness of your employees. Design campaigns and offer health benefits.
  • Insurance Solution: Analyze your life portfolio and increase the risk awareness of your clients.
  • Public Health: Design and optimize health prevention campaigns by identifying the most relevant risk factors for your target group.

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