Life Risk Analytics


Life Risk Analytics is a risk management consulting company, offering solutions for corporate health, insurance companies, and the public health sector.

Its risk engine allows you to run personalized analyses, identify and quantify risk factors, take measures to decrease risks, optimize health prevention campaigns, as well as analyze your insurance portfolio. 

Life Risk Analytics considers up to 100 different personal risk factors such as lifestyle, exposure to infectious diseases, medical history, employment stress, family history, transportation, or leisure activities, and connects the dots to more than 200 possible causes of death.

Risk Engine


Mortality Rates

Analysis of personal mortality rates



Personal lifespan estimation


Risk Factors

Considering 100 personal risk factors


Causes of Death

Identification of causes of death based on ICD-10


Correlation Parameters

Correlation parameters from hundreds of medical studies


Prevention Measures

Personlized list of prevention measures by relevance

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